This was the result of a 48 hour hackaton - The Prototype Change Summit.
They brought together major companies and grass root activists; Tech wizards and child's rights heroes from Chad, Ghana, DR Congo,
Rwanda, Sweden and Tanzania. With the mission to start building a better world for children - using our hearts, brains and laptops.

Our team got the brief Avoid social exlusion by supporting special learning needs.

After researching the problem we realized that a big part of avoiding social exclusion is not the learning tools to keep up with the curriculum,
but the acceptance amongst friends, family, and teachers.

We realized we needed to de-dramatize our differences.

We are all different. All the qualities we have makes us unique. It might be the way we understand things, the way we get distracted,
or the way we act. And these are the abilities that give us the powers to do extraordinary things.
But somewhere we forgot to embrace our differences. It’s not always accepted to be in a certain way.
Being an impulsive person can sometimes give the impression that you are unorganized - so abilities that not fit in a certain context
are not seen positive, but instead seen as something negative.

We wanted to change that.

I’m a Superhero is a tool for the classroom where children can learn more about who they, and their friends are,
by making, talking, and understand all the abilities they have.
So, you build a Superhero of yourself with the help of your classmates.
You start by choosing the features you want your Superhero to have. And type in the name you want your Superhero to have.
And then, you add all the abilities you think describe yourself by swiping yes, or no.
When you are done - you let your classmates help you. They can pick three positive abilities they think you have, and add them to your Superhero.
Your Superhero is ready! The applications generates a story about you and your abilities which are now superpowers.

By thinking and talking about our differences we start to understand each other and this way we can appreciate,
and de-dramatize differences. - We can build a better self esteem, and use all the abilities that give us the powers to do extraordinary things.